Surface Mount Capacitors Processing Machine

Surface Mount Capacitors Processing Machine adapt automation
  • Machine Number: 5041
  • Part Configuration: The equipment can be built for other size anodes
  • Lead Frame: Automatic shuttle shift from empty to full magazine provides continuous feeding boards
  • Motions: Most motions and actions are driven by stepper motors for very precise positioning
  • Silver Solder: Is designed through a dual dispensing head which is driven up and down and stepped 90 times by means of stepping motors
  • Cycle Rate: 22 seconds producing 15,000 anodes per hour
  • Machine Control: Touch screen controls are programmed to identify all operations. If a fault occurs at any of the 70 limit devices, the screen will identify the problem area, and what to do to correct the problem

It is possible to operate each section individually for set up purposes, run in jog mode, single cycle and many individual motions. There are exterior emergency stops allowing control from any position.

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