Socket Connector Assembly Machine

Socket Connector Assembly Machine
  • Machine Number: 1406
  • Feeder Bowls: 18″ polished stainless steel with positive insulators orientation and positioning. Two 6″ pr-cast aluminum dump bowls
  • Insulator Progress: Precision mechanically operated two positioning mechanism assuring precise location at the load station and discharge position
  • Cycle Rate: Up to 1800 completed connectors per hour. Vanes with part configuration
  • Machine Control: Power on-off, manual-automatic selector, feeder bowls speed controls, and emergency stop

This machine is fully automatic in operation. The insulator is automatically fed from a feeder bowl. The contacts are fed from two dump feeder bowls into an in-line tract orientation system to the insertion comb for the required spacing and loading into the insulator. The completed assembly then progresses to, and is loaded into a storage magazine. When the magazine is fully loaded it will automatically shift to one side, to be replaced by an empty magazine.

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