Metal Inserts Ultrasonic Insertion Machine

Metal Inserts Ultrasonic Insertion Machine adapt automation
  • Machine Number: 1221A
  • Special Tooling: A wide range of piece parts can be handled by variations in special tooling consisting of tracks, feeder bowls, nesting, etc
  • Depth Control: Stroke lengths are easily adjusted by means of external controls
  • Frequency Control: Self contained control unit for the ultrasonic welder allows easy access and adjustment of frequency and dwell time control
  • Cycle Rate: Cycle rate depends on part configuration and weld cycle required
  • Automatic Inspection: Test, eject, reject mechanism and control diverts defective assemblies without stopping the machine. Optional
  • Machine Controls: Power on-off, manual/automatic selector, feeder bowls on, ultrasonic welder on and emergency stop. Ultrasonic welder control includes power level, power cycle and total dwell controls and power test switch
  • Supply Hopper: Supply Hopper sizes are determined by pert configuration and size fed. Optional

This three-piece fully automatic assembly machine is ideally suited for assemblies which require ultrasonic welding of metal inserts into plastic components and bonding of plastic to plastic.

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