High Speed Single or Dual S.O.M. for Contacts

High Speed Single or Dual S.O.M. for Contacts adapt automation
  • Machine Number: 1072
  • Part Sizes: Parts up to 1/2 inch in diameter by 2 inches in length, depending on type of operation
  • Depth Control: Stroke length and tool positioning are easilly adjusted by means of external control
  • Machine Control: Power on-off, feeder on, cam shaft drive motor on, spindle on, spindle variable speed control, feeder control

This machine provides continuous high speed secondary operations such as cross drilling, wiondow cutting, slotting, etc. for electrical contacts barrel parts, retention clips, pen tips, etc. 

The parts are firmly held in a jaw eliminating all play and vibration, and then moved to the spindel utilizing the minimum stroke, eliminating lost time motions and creating an optimum rate of up to 250 operations per minute. The machine is ideally suited for small cylindrical parts.

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