Laser Printer Wheel Assembly Machine

Laser Printer Wheel Assembly Machine adapt automation
  • Machine Number: 5238
  • Parts Configuration: The star wheels are .245 diameter .030 thick
  • Cycle Rate: 3600 assemblies per hour
  • Machine Controls: Solid state programmable controller actuates the operations of the machine
  • Machine Base: Heavy-duty welded construction powder coated for durability
  • Safety: The machine is enclosed with interlocked doors which stops the machine when opened. Emergency stops are provided which dumps the air to the machine when actuated

This machine is fully automatic in its operation with a mechanical cam operated index table which has a cam operated overhead tooling plate for synchronous operations. The star wheels are fed with a unique system utilizing a gravity feed with magnet separation. These thin wheels will not feed in a common feed system. One star wheel is located in a nest on the index table, one hub pressed on and the second-star wheel on top of the hub. The presence and proper installation are verified after each operation.

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