Centrifugal Molding Machine

Centrifugal Molding Machine adapt automation
  • Machine Number: 5016 (12, 6, and 1 Station)
  • Base: Heavy duty welded construction from four-inch square tubing kept open for total access and ease of cleaning
  • Index Table: Heavy duty mechanical cam operated, variable speed with overload sensor and dynamic brake
  • Center Column: The outer rotary sleeve with arms rotates around the inner sleeve, supported by heavy duty sealed tapered roller bearings and between the sleeves filled with oil
  • Cycle Rate: Various depending on the amount of media required, average ten seconds
  • Air: Is brought through the center column to the rotary union to each individual arm which holds a valve and a 4″ cylinder
  • Arms: Heavy duty welded construction with braces supporting the discs. Upper arm toggles pass the center for maximum clamping force. Easily adjustable for thicknesses of molds. Each arm has a control box which includes a motor variable speed pot, RPM readout, on/off switch and clamp/motor invert switches

The media gets spread out in the mold through the centrifugal force. The mold moves to the next station where it stops rotating after which the upper clamp opens and the mold is removed and replaced with an empty mold. The mold is demolded and prepped away from the machine to get maximum machine throughput.

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