Commercial Industry

ADAPT Automation’s use of cam operated loading indexers has revolutionized high speed automation many commercial industries. Sprinklers, flush vales and many other commercial products run continuously with minimal downtimes and maintenance requirements. So now, every time you irrigate your lawn or flush a toilet, you’ll think of ADAPT Automation.

Ever flush a toilet? Odds are, you actuated the valve that controls the water delivery to the bowl that was assembled on an ADAPT Automation dual overhead pick & place machine. Using cam operated pick & place devices, our machines operate faster and with more accuracy and repeatability to insure the assembly processes builds a problem free valve. In one case, during the build phase of the machine, it was clear that the building the machine was going into would not be complete in time for installation. In order to keep up with the demand for their valve, ADAPT Automation set up our facility to allow product to be produced and shipped from our location, until their new assembly plant would be ready.

Speaking of water, ADAPT Automation has designed and built many assembly and test machines for the irrigation industry. Using a triple overhead tool plate indexer for the main machine, and dual overhead pick & place indexers for the peripheral feeding machines, a planetary drive transmission with over 24 components to operate a large sprinkler, produced 10 assembled and tested drives per minute with only bin refilling operators.

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  • Completely cam operated automation systems in linear or rotary format.
  • Total sprinkler assembly lines
  • Valve assembly and testing machines