Detonator Assembly Line

detonator assembly line adapt automation
  • Machine Number: 6637
  • Controls: The system is controlled by an Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLC. Human interface and data collection are provided by a custom Windows application written in Visual Basic using commercially available communication drivers communicate with the PLC over Ethernet.
  • Cycle Rate: A complete assembly leaves every 6-8 seconds depending on powder loading requirements.

This system processes mining and blasting detonators. All powder loading operations are done inside blast containment cabinets designed to withstand inadvertent detonation of the extremely volatile bulk powder.

Enclosures are Class 2 Div1 E, F, & G and positively pressurized to keep powder from infiltrating inside.

Different sizes of detonators are processed with minimal tooling changeovers, for both parts and powders.

Spoon’s, sized to the load requirements, are used to transfer the load from a powder stream feeder bowl, out to a loading transfer funnel.

Detonators use several different types of explosive powders to control the final detonation of the main explosion pack. This system processes three different powders by tare weighing, loading, consolidating with adjustable force up to 400 lbs, and final weighing.

Once all powder has been loaded and consolidated, a cardboard disc is inserted and consolidated to seal off the chamber. 

A Cartesian robot loads all acceptable detonators, one at a time, into a tray that is fed from a magazine and then to a final packaging station







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